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While often embarrassing, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common sexual health problem that affects 70% of men ages 40-70. If ED negatively affects your lifestyle, sexual wellness physician at L.A. Pain and Performance Medical Group in the Beverly Grove area in Los Angeles is here for you, offering revolutionary OrthoPulse® shock wave, P-Shot, and stem cell therapies to reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction by dramatically improving the critical blood flow required to obtain and maintain an erection. Call L.A. Pain and Performance Medical Group to learn more about innovative ED treatments or use the online booking tool.

ED Q & A

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) results when you can’t get or keep an erection that is firm enough to have sexual intercourse. 

ED can happen to any man at any time, but if you experience erectile dysfunction regularly and it negatively affects intimacy with your partner, simple and highly effective solutions, without resorting to medications, are available at L.A. Pain and Performance Medical Group.

What are the symptoms of ED?

The main symptoms of ED are trouble getting an erection, difficulty keeping an erection, and lack of sexual desire. Your risk of erectile dysfunction increases with age. If you’re bothered by ED, you don’t have to live with it.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Many things can lead to erectile dysfunction. Examples include:

  • Age 40 or older
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Poor diet
  • Other chronic diseases
  • Stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Tobacco or excessive alcohol use
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Certain medications
  • Acute and Chronic Pain

The team of sexual health physicians at L.A. Pain and Performance Medical Group reviews your medical history and symptoms, completes an exam if necessary, and can use blood or urine tests to diagnose the cause of ED and establish the best treatment for you.

How is erectile dysfunction treated?

The three best ways to treat ED are OrthoPulse Shock Wave, the Men’s PRP Boost Shot, and Stem Cell! Dr. Levin determines which treatment or combination of treatments is best for you to perform all three procedures in the office.

The physicians at L.A. Pain and Performance Medical Group offer the most innovative erectile dysfunction treatments. Best of all these treatments allow the possibility of spontaneous erections, without having to pop a pill. (If you take one of these ED pills, take time to read the extensive list of possible side effects; nevertheless, OrthoPulse, Men’s PRP Boost Shot or Women’s PRP Boost Shot, and stem cell treatments can turbocharge an ED pill to make it much more effective.) One or more of the following ED solutions may be recommended:

OrthoPulse shock wave therapy

Twenty minutes after self-application of numbing cream to your penis, our provider applies the OrthoPulse shock wave device to the surface of your penis. The OrthoPulse probe is applied to several areas over both sides of the shaft of your penis over a 15 minute period. That’s it!

Shock wave therapy enhances new blood vessel growth to improve circulation in your penis. “It’s all about blood flow!” The 8-session procedure performed twice per week for 4 weeks is pain-free, noninvasive, nonsurgical, and each session takes about 15 minutes to perform.

Stem cell treatment

Stem cells can differentiate into many other kinds of cells in the body. The experienced physicians at L.A. Pain and Performance Medical Group use Predictive Technology stem cell treatment to regenerate tissue amazingly, improve blood flow, and restore penile erectile function. Stem cell treatment will supercharge your erections!

Lifestyle changes

Making lifestyle changes can help treat ED. Examples include weight loss, regular exercise, healthy eating, stress reduction, and not drinking excessively or smoking.

Hormone therapy

If testosterone or other hormones aren’t balanced, your provider offers hormone therapy to get your levels back into a healthy range.


Your physician might recommend medications to reduce ED or medicines that treat underlying medical conditions responsible for erectile dysfunction.

Don’t let erectile dysfunction ruin your self-confidence and performance in the bedroom. Schedule an appointment with L.A. Pain and Performance Medical Group today.