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At L.A. Pain and Performance Medical Group in the Beverly Grove area in Los Angeles, sexual health specialist Jonathan Levin, MD, understands the effect that sexual dissatisfaction can have on a woman’s life. Dr. Levin offers nonsurgical solutions, including the innovative Women’s PRP Boost Shot® therapy, to enhance sexual sensations and increase your chances of having satisfying orgasms. Learn more about the benefits of O-Shot therapy by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Levin by phone or using the online booking feature today.

Women’s PRP Boost Shot Q & A

What is the Women’s PRP Boost Shot?

The Orgasm Shot® (Women’s PRP Boost Shot), is a nonsurgical treatment to improve sexual satisfaction in women. Treatment involves the injection, after application of a topical numbing cream, of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the area around the clitoris and the Grafenberg spot (G-spot), the area of the vagina that produces strong sensations of sexual arousal.

PRP is naturally found in your blood and contains vital growth factors that stimulate the growth of new, healthy cells. 

By injecting them into areas around the vagina, Dr. Levin can revitalize your sexual health and satisfaction. Treatment with Women’s PRP Boost Shot also increases your chances of achieving orgasms.

What’s involved in Women’s PRP Boost Shot therapy?

To access the beneficial PRP, Dr. Levin draws a sample of your blood and prepares it in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from other blood materials. Within this plasma is a high concentration of growth factors.

Dr. Levin then injects, using a tiny needle, a local anesthetic followed 20 minutes later by PRP into the area around the clitoris and G-spot area in the anterior vaginal wall following a customized treatment plan. Treatment is fast and you will also receive an effective topical anesthetic to prevent pain and keep you comfortable.

How long does it take to see results from Women’s PRP Boost Shot therapy?

As Women’s PRP Boost Shot therapy relies on the development of new, healthy cells, it takes your body some time to generate a new supply of these cells.

For many women, an increase in sexual sensitivity is noticeable within 4-6 weeks of treatment. These results continue to improve in the months after your injections as new cells continue to form and blood flow to the area increases.

What are the benefits of Women’s PRP Boost Shot therapy?

Because Women’s PRP Boost Shot therapy requires no incisions or downtime, you can return to your usual activities immediately after treatment. You don’t have to worry about complications because Dr. Levin uses your own blood for treatment. There’s no risk of scarring.

Women’s PRP Boost Shot therapy can significantly increase your sexual satisfaction and the quality of your orgasm, with results lasting for months to years. Therapy also increases blood circulation throughout the vagina, improving your overall vaginal health.

If you’re looking for a nonsurgical solution to improve your sexual health and orgasm quality, schedule an appointment at L.A. Pain and Performance Medical Group today using the online booking feature or by calling the office.